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  Santa brings unforgettable moments and forever memories

   in this once in a lifetime experience!


   There is nothing more precious than seeing your child's 

   excitement at that first glance of Santa. Sit back and watch

   the joy as Santa shares his Magic with each child. 


   Santa will use his globe to explain the magic of travel and

   share some little know facts about the North Pole!


   Best of all he will share the magic that is always present 

   in Santa's big red bag!


   Did you know that if Santa dozes off, he can be suddenly 

   awakened when magic dust is sprinkled on his toes?

   It is true!


   The anticipation of the visit with Santa begins with a 

   personal invitation mailed to your child from Santa a few 

   days before the visit!


    Upon your arrival to the studio (20 minutes prior to your session)

your family will receive a beautiful gift box

    from Santa that includes a leather-bound book to record 

    every Christmas Wish list, a box that will hold Santa's

    Magic after the visit and a storybook about Santa.

    You should arrive early so that you can change clothing,

    receive your gift and prepare for your visit with Santa!

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Silver Star Pictures-11.jpg


     Session Questions


     What should my child wear?

     Plain Christmas Red and or Green PJ's look great on                  Santa's set and girls in pretty nightgowns are adorable.

     Barefoot is recommended. If parents want to be included

     in the last scene they are welcome, so dress for the


     When should I arrive?  

     We recommend 15 minutes unless you want to change

     clothes and then we would recommend allowing as much        time as you think you may need. Please let us know in 

     advance if you will arrive more that 30 minutes in                  advance.

     How do we explain the early visit with Santa?

     Santa travels throughout the year to meet with                        children and families prior to his Christmas Eve trip.    

     Most of the time Santa travels without the big red suit

     (incognito), but occasionally he is in full dress!

     For those lucky children that receive a personal invitation

     from Santa, it is a very special opportunity, just for them.

     What do Parents do during there Santa's Magical       Experience?

     Parents get to sit back and relax in our theater-style

     seating, sip their beverage (a Latte' bar is provided)

     and watch the most magical theatrical experience ever, 

     with kids starring in the main role!

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